About Me

Hello – I’m Ivan Newman.

Ivan's energy!I was privileged to work for FTSE 100 company Reuters for over 21 years, prior to their acquisition by Thomson Corporation and more recently founded Living Inside the Brand®.

Over that time, I was involved with internal branding and communications, leading internal service, initiating and sustaining cultural change.

When I joined them I led a sales team and gained first hand experience of the way customers feel about quality, service and Brand values.  In addition I had staff appointments in product and programme management in real estate and recruitment.  Those jobs all taught me the importance of “promising only what you can deliver and delivering what you promise”.

The Living Inside the Brand® concept grew out of my experience in those roles. I noticed that the more people acted within the company’s Brand Values the better levels of service they delivered – both to external customers and internal colleagues. Simplicity in the Brand Values themselves, simplicity also in the way they were described together with honesty, were all key factors in success. For a company operating across borders and with staff speaking many different first languages, that simplicity was an absolutely key factor.

As a keen triathlete, I also noticed that these same attributes and success factors also extended to successful sports clubs and associations. The more successful ones have well developed Brands and their members almost literally ’live’ inside them – taking pride in wearing their club kit, turning out in force so there appears to be a ‘phalanx’ of club members and cheering loudly when the results are announced!

My triathlon experience showed me that the challenges faced by middle managers – trying to implement strategies and tactics through teams which are often resistant to change – is very similar to the way athletes can feel on the start line .  They wish they were still warm in bed rather than just about to jump into cold water, surrounded by competitors who, of course in their mind’s eye, had trained harder and were much fitter. In other words they were full of self-doubt.

I’ve enjoyed coaching triathlon and I know that coaching leads to better athletes.  I’ve seen too, that business coaching really has an effect on business performance.

My aim for Living Inside the Brand is to give my business customers the Power to Influence their customers, so they turn into raving fans who want to buy, buy more often and want to tell their friends what a great decision they just made.

You can follow my sporting thoughts at Triathlon – Touching the Heights blog .