Case Studies

When you’ve been in debt

September 19, 2011

We worked with John Ali, of Whitewater Management, when he found that his debt management company was suffering from major competition. With increasing numbers of people getting into debt due to the financial crisis, many new companies were competing for the business.  John was finding that he was being ‘outgunned’ by the large companies with…

Man with a Vision

August 8, 2011

  Chris Ogle has a big vision – to make a whole section of the British economy more competitive. His company SME7 was founded to carry forward this vision. But, there was a problem, Chris and his business colleagues had been so involved in putting things together, they needed someone from outside their business to help…

Garden and Home Remodelling

May 20, 2011

I met Chris Brooks, of In-Out Home & Garden Remodelling, at breakfast networking meetings. Chris is engaging and enthusiastic but he found it difficult to get his point across in the strict time limits set by the networking format.  This gives just 40 seconds to ‘get your point across’.  Chris was putting in too much…

Sports coaching business sees success

December 8, 2009

Nick was in a rut!  He had qualifications plus gold medals, but he wasn’t able to develop his coaching business fast enough. For an athlete used to performance, that was frustrating in the extreme.  We worked with him and now his business is motoring.  Here’s what Nick thought of how we helped him….in his own…

Poor sales proposals lose business

June 13, 2009

The problem Quality can be expressed in many ways. For the large sales force at one company, their ability to produce, or more accurately, not produce high quality proposals on time was a real issue. They had plenty of good content, their clients demanded ‘chapter and verse’, but they couldn’t produce quality proposals to deadlines….