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Join us in our series of e-books.  They’re designed for today’s life – they’re short, readable and packed with information.

I’ll share a secret with you.  I don’t have the patience to actually write a book.  But people say I’m good at making things live through stories.  So, I now have conversations with people and record them.  The recording’s then easy to edit and “Hey, Presto!” there a book.

We’ve now two books in our series of Conversations.

Conversation 1 - Brand Strategy: Put Brand at the Heart of your Business and Watch it Grow, and

Conversation 2 - 104 Handy Tips To Build a Successful Personal Brand.

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Put Brand at the Heart of Your Business and Watch it Grow

Full of valuable ideas and tipsIt may have a rather a long title but it ‘does what it says on the can’. Each chapter is choc-a-bloc full of examples, ideas and an end section called “Golden Nuggets of Wisdom.” These nuggets summarise the key points, so they’re easy to remember.  And because the book is a conversation, there’s plenty of dry humour there too.

Yet, even though the book is a conversation, there’s useful theory too, it identifies and talks through the “seven components of a brand strategy.”

Here are a couple of extracts to whet your appetite.

How people with Vision create brands around themselves

“Take Richard Branson, he started out life in the world of music, he was a DJ and so his first venture was absolutely consistent with having a relaxed lifestyle, enjoying himself and music. He started out what eventually became known as the Virgin Record brand. Now fast forward 30 years and his brands still have that same sort of essence of enjoyment. Virgin Holidays – all about enjoyment and taking your cares away.  Necker Island – all about very upmarket enjoyment. He never appears in a suit, he always looks casual – doesn’t mean to say he isn’t a formidable businessman.

Brand Essence – the heart and soul

“What comes next is known as the Brand Essence. This is the heart and soul of the brand, often called its timeless quality.  It may be easier to think of perfume here.  Every make has its own essence…a vital magic ingredient that is unique to its aroma.”

Then later in the chapter….

Really, its three words to describe the brand. Usually it’s in the format of Adjective, Adjective and a Noun. Let’s go back to Apple and the iPad to illustrate Brand Essence.

For the iPad to my mind, the Brand Essence is…..” and you’ll have to get the book to discover the answer!

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104 Handy Tips for Building a Successful Personal Brand

I’ve written this book in response to people asking me “what is a brand”.

When I’ve replied, “Your brand is what people think about you” they’ve then asked, “Well can you give me some tips?”

Full of great ideasAnd here they are, a total of  104 divided into these easily digested sections

  1. Your Personal Brand Components
  2. What you say
  3. How you say it
  4. How you look
  5. How you use the routes to market
  6. Your body language
  7. How you inspire people
  8. Your energy levels
  9. How you accept advice
  10. Who you associate with
  11. Your Weapons of Influence

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