Poppy’s is tops

Great service teamHundreds of hungry & thirsty cyclists descended on this tiny tea-room.  And they coped brilliantly.

Yes, Poppy’s tea room in Thaxted Essex certainly knows how to serve up great refreshments, do it with a smile and in no time at all.

The first big cycle ride of the year and 400+ cyclists were en route, some for over 10 hours.  So when you stop you  don’t want to wait around.Guildhall - just by Poppy's

I can see why Poppy’s won the Best tea Room in Essex award in 2011.  They’d have the vote of all of us two-wheelers.

Living Inside the Brand.  100%

PS We visited another café, which shall remain nameless. They took an hour to serve 6 beans and scrambled egg on toast. Aargh!

Submitted by Ivan N, Essex.


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