Introduction to Brand Strategy

From Vision to Personality

All journeys start with a vision of where you want to go. Where you take your company, your products and indeed yourself – these are all journeys.  Seeing how to get there, knowing you’ve arrived – these are key features when we travel.  Your Brand journey is no different, except perhaps the words are a little unusual.  Creating a Brand Strategy is your Step 2 to achieving “Brand Power”.

Your Brand Strategy Components

As with a physical journey which has different aspects to it – route-map, vehicle, fuel, ‘pit-stops’, signposts – your Brand journey has a ‘strategy’ as well.  These are the Brand Strategy components.  Each one is important and the

  1. Vision – where you’re headed as an organisation
  2. Mission – steps to achieve the vision
  3. Values – how you’re going to fulfil the Mission
  4. Essence – your heart and soul
  5. Promise – your vital and unique feature
  6. Personality – what type of ‘person’ in the Brand, and
  7. Archetype – the underlying motivators behind the Brand

At Living Inside the Brand® we

  • Work with you to understand the Brand journey you want to take
  • Guide you through creating your Brand Strategy components
  • Or if you’ve already a Strategy in place, we’ll help you look at it with fresh eyes
  • Should you wish us to, we’ll ‘test drive’ the strategy with key customers
  • Support you in creating the implementation plan

Throughout, we are working with you so you retain control and ownership.

The programmes we offer to create, plan and implement your Brand Strategy are:

  1. Brand Breakthrough – six sessions face-to-face or by videoconference working with the leadership team
  2. A Brand for YOU! – six Webinar series working with owner-managers in different focused business areas