Tale of two restaurants

Just two kilometres between these restaurants – but a world of difference!

Chilly welcome, high prices, poor quality services

Le Vaffieu - chilly welcome, high prices, poor quality services

Here’s the story….been skiing in France and needed a warm up on a cold day in a village called Les Gets. Went into one restaurant, “le Vaffieu” – frosty reception, sky-high prices and a loo that had no soap, no towels, no hot water. Very fed up.

Skied on for a bit. There was, “Le Grand Pré” and what a contrast. Friendly warm welcome, smiles all round, very reasonable prices plus clean loos with soap, towels and hot water. We ended up going there all the time from then on. And the service and welcome just got better and better.

Smiles, warmth, good value

Le Grand Pré - smiles, warmth, good value, working services

No doubt in my mind which I’ll go to in future – the one that has friendliness in its Brand delivery. Vive Le Grand Pré!

Submitted by Ivan N, Essex


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