David Driscaoll, Director, Homestead PDS

Ivan has a calming but simple way of presenting and using his audience is a key factor. Reciprocation, liking, consistency, authority, social-proof and scarcity are all ‘click-whirr’ type responses which can be used in every day business building.

Elke Hausler, Director, Elke Hausler Wellness

Since Ivan’s workshop a few weeks ago, I know what to do and what to avoid in my 40 seconds. I feel so much more confident in bringing my point across and start getting the response that I was wishing for. Thanks Ivan for bouncing off new ideas, truly inspirational. Keep the workshops coming!

Rachel Orchard, Director, Indepenedent Distributor Nuskin

Ivan is genius – after a 1 minute look at my facebook business page he was able to precisely identify why perhaps I wasnt gaining the business conversions I was looking for! Thank you Ivan, Brand Guru.

Lindsey Read, Director, TopMatch Ipswich

Went to Ivan’s Seconds2Sucess workshop on Monday. Absolutely brilliant! It made me look at presentations in a whole new light – and not just the 40 seconds. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone.

Wendy Norman, Director Livelink Resource

Ivan is full of surprises – take time to have a conversation with him and you will not be disappointed. He is a thoroughly nice man too! The 4Sight at Diss today was excellent – and ask about the 104 tips

Jonathan White, Director, Two Marketing and Aquavate

Ivan is a true expert in his field. His 104 handy tips for building a successful personal brand is a great give-away, so helpful and you must catch up with him to get a copy. Excellent 4sight on the Psychology of Persuasion – One not to miss. 

Maya van der Linden, Arbonne Independent Consultant

What a fantastic and friendly workshop run by Ivan. He takes you through every step of the course methodically and in great detail and makes everyone participate by drawing you out of your shell. He is an expert in this field and talks in a straightforward and plain manner. He uses real examples very effectively. I can now focus on my business by talking about what I have to offer with clarity and great passion. I left the workshop feeling excited, confident and enthusiastic.

Leo Parsons, Independent Distributor, Utility Warehouse Discount Club

What an incredibly motivational Day I’ve had with Ivan Doing Seconds For Success. Thoroughly Recommended! Professional, Fun!

Sarah Steel, Director, Sarah Steel SM. January 2012

Ivan is a consummate professional as well as an expert in his field. He also delivers a mean 4Sight – look out for the Psychology of Persuasion!

Debs Burrows, Professional Artist. January 2012

Ivan is truly an expert in his field. Today he helped me complete my upcoming exhibition title and gave me pointers with some engaging promotion ideas. His suggestions are earthbound but really inspiring. Thank you Ivan!

Angela Locke

Ivan not only offered me his time but was also able to provide both advise and a solution around a few problems I was experiencing. He was not only quick to assess the situation but also supportive and I valued his expertise and feedback.

John Wild. Director, Precept Optimum Performance. November 2011

I met Ivan in June and was impressed by how easy it was to gain rapport with him. As time has elapsed, I recognise that kindness to everybody is Ivan’s natural ‘brand’. It is evident he has extensive knowledge of branding and I find his weekly newsletters about brand, both informative and humorous.

Vivien d’Arcy.  Director, Darcy’s Delicious Treats.  New catering start-up. September 2011

I’m new to 4Networking and Ivan has been great for making me feel part of the family! His idea about adding a punch line to my brand name has made me think much more about how people view your business. My business logo looks much better and stands out more. Many thanks, Ivan.

David McDonald. Director, Silver Island TV & Video Production.  July 2011

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or just wanting to improve your communication skills, Ivan’s your man. He Helps you de-clutter your message, making it clear and directed. Worth every penny. Thanks Ivan.

Rob Brook.  Director, Sanctuary Photography.  July 2011

Yet another amazing day with Ivan. His 40 seconds to success covers so much more than presentation. A day with Ivan is a day well spent on your business and comes high recommended.

Kim Ovel. Director, Your Virtual Assistant.  July 2011

I went on The Seconds to Success with Ivan on Monday and it was Fantastic, A great Day and the difference in my 40 seconds was amazing.  I’m sure it will be very fruitful, I look forward to using it at the next 4Networking meeting I attend.  Thank you Ivan, I highly recommend to anyone.

Chris Ogle.  SME7, Internet and business entrepreneur.  July 2011

Ivan is 1 of those talents that needs 2b ‘aired’. I read every week Ivan’s newsletter which TBH I find enthralling. Ivan looks at everything through Branding spectacles… and if you need branding you need Ivan,it’s that simple!

Sarah Eden.  Director, Tangible Marketing consultancy.  June 2011

Ivan is always so generous with his time and advice. Today he has helped me with how 4Networking and the Marketing Assistant role, that I’ve just taken on, works. Ivan is always happy to help. The world needs more people like Ivan!

Sean Wiegand.  Partner, Lambert Chapman,  Accountancy practice.  June 2011.

Ivan’s Seconds to Success is well worth attending. Ivan helps to give you structure and points out key areas to cover to make the most of your 40 seconds. My 40 seconds have changed forever!

Kevin Arrow.  Director, Arrow Light Haulage Haulage company.  May 2011

He is generous with his advice, he is an all round good bloke and has listened to my warblings on more than one occasion when Im sure he had better things to do. His advice is always held in the highest regard by me. Its a pleasure to know him, If you dont you are missing out.

John Passmore.  Independent distributor.  April 2011

After several of Ivan’s 4Sight presentations and a couple of 1:1′s I began to realise that this guy had something. Without knowing quite what I was getting into I signed up for the full works.  My signature, my business card and, shortly, my blog all reflect my new brand…and people seek me out.


Charlie Brown.  Director, Charlie Brown Consulting.  April 2011

I recently joined 4Networking and Ivan has been a great help. In particular he gave me some splendid and really useful advice on presenting myself and my company. Well worth talking to him.

Anthony Metcalf. Partner, Anthony Russel, Accountancy practice. March 2011

Spent a great day with Ivan. Very useful in determining what we are about and where our focus should be. To the layman branding is your Logo and headed notepaper. Ivan will show you that your BRAND is a lot more than that!

Gary Williams.  Internet Pipelines, Director. March 2011

If you ever need anyone to help you get you business focused and on the right track, just have a meeting with Ivan. He helped me to not only get the Branding of the business underway, but also to adapt and focus the business offer. I’ve booked into one of his seminars!

Wayne Hockley. Partner, Anthony Russel , Accountancy practice. March 2011

Thanks Ivan, a very very insightful productive day. I would highly recommend a session with Ivan to anybody in business.

Peter Anderton.  Director, SCION Marketing consultancy. March 2011

Ivan’s seminar helped me focus on my company’s positioning as well as create a winning 40 seconds pitch. It was an inspirational day. His skill and enthusiasm took everyone through a clear, easy learning process, building confidence so we were all able to deliver a more dynamic 40 seconds.

Sally Denn.  Director, Red Elephant Coaching, Business consulting. March 2011

Ivan’s natural energy and enthusiasm for his business comes through in every conversation you have with him.  He really is an expert in his field giving me some great ideas for moving my brand forwards – watch this space!  Thanks Ivan, a pleasure to know and work with you!

More testimonials are available on request .