When you’ve been in debt

We worked with John Ali, of Whitewater Management, when he found that his debt management company was suffering from major competition.

With increasing numbers of people getting into debt due to the financial crisis, many new companies were competing for the business.  John was finding that he was being ‘outgunned’ by the large companies with big budgets.

John knew the service he offered was honest and that he could really ‘sort out’ people’s problems.

To get things going John and I just chattedat first until I understood better his clients’ needs, the nature of his service and the way the competitors went about their business.

The breakthrough came when John told me his story.  He’d been caught in the crisis of the early 1990s when the company building Canary Wharf in London went bankrupt.  Although not involved directly, the banks had become very ‘twitchy’ about property in general.

Our next step was to video John and show his story on his website.  His integrity is quite obvious.

Listen out for some key attributes of John’s service – it’s personal, he visits clients (unlike many competitors) and he takes away their ‘burden’.


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